Privacy Policy


I. Overview

By utilising our websites and applications or by providing us with your personal information in any way, you are granting consent for us to use your information and acknowledging the practises outlined in this statement. In certain cases, the provision of information and data is crucial for us to offer our services. If you do not agree with this statement, you are prohibited from accessing or using our websites or applications, or providing us with any of your personal information.

The parties involved in this policy are referred to as the Company and you, the user of this site.

A. The individuals who own and operate this domain, as well as their wholly owned subsidiaries, including any predecessors, successors, and assigns, are the owners, publishers, and/or operators of this and other related websites. Collectively, they are referred to as the "Company." Whenever this policy uses first-person pronouns (us, we, our, ours, etc.), these terms refer to the Operator of this Site. Furthermore, when the terms "The Site" or "Site" are used, they respectively indicate the Sites published and/or operated by the Operator, as applicable.

B. You, the User – As the user of this Site, this policy may refer to you as "you" or employ any second-person pronouns, such as "yours," etc.

C. Potential Advertisers – Certain individuals visit the Site with the intention of applying to become an Advertiser on the Site. These individuals are considered "Users" as defined herein.

D. Advertising Partners – Once a Potential Advertiser agrees to our advertiser agreement and creates an advertising account with us, they are considered an Advertising Partner, regardless of whether they have prepared or published an advertisement. The activities and data collection of Advertising Partners are governed by the advertiser agreement rather than this Privacy Policy. Advertising Partners are not included within the definition of Users in this context. 

This Privacy Policy is applicable to Users and outlines how we utilise the information we receive about you when you visit our Site or use our online services. It does not encompass any information that we may acquire from or about you through means other than the use of the Site. Irrespective of when it was obtained or captured, you explicitly consent to us possessing and utilising your information as described herein.

II. Modifications to This Policy

We maintain the right to modify, alter, or amend this policy, as well as our other policies and agreements, at any time and in any way. It is advisable to periodically check for any updates to this Policy by revisiting this web page and utilising the "refresh" button on your browser. Please take note of the date of the most recent revision to this Policy. If the "Last Updated" date remains unchanged after refreshing your browser, you can assume that no changes have been made since your last reading of the policy. However, a revised "Last Updated" date signifies that this Policy has been updated or edited, and the revised version supersedes any previous versions immediately upon posting.

III. Collection of Personal Information

Users of our Site and services engage with us in various ways. While Users are not obliged to provide information through active data collection pages, it is important to note that the information we gather is limited to cookies, IP addresses, referral URLs, and other passive means of data collection, as explained next. Nevertheless, we may request and collect certain necessary information, such as name, email, phone number, age, device identification, and IP address, from Potential Advertisers. We reserve the right to utilise such collected information during the registration process to assist Potential Advertisers in becoming Advertisers. Additionally, we retain the right to utilise voluntarily provided information from Users, including comments, feedback, and copyright notices (referred to as "Voluntary Data"), in accordance with the relevant provisions outlined in Sections V and VIII below.

IV. Information Collection Methods

A. Passive Collection – To enhance your site experience, we utilise various technologies such as cookies, web beacons, browser capabilities, tracking services, and other features and functionalities to collect information about you. This anonymous data collection aims to improve site navigation, track visitor preferences, generate internal and user web analytics reports, conduct research, and detect potential fraudulent activities. The information gathered includes, but is not limited to, your user IP address, browser details, geographic location, and session data. By accessing our Site or utilising our Services, you acknowledge and consent to the sharing of this passively collected user data as deemed necessary for the effective operation of our Site and services.

B. Active Collection – Currently, the Site does not engage in active collection of user data, except as specified in Section III regarding Potential Advertisers and Voluntary Data.

V. Utilisation of Your Information

The primary purpose of collecting any information is to provide you with Site services. We may also use your information, such as location data, to deliver customised services, offer user support, and monitor and mitigate illegal activities, fraud, harassment, and spam. Non-personal and aggregated information, which is collected passively, as mentioned earlier, may be used to customise our marketing efforts based on geographic locations or for general enhancements of the site for a group of customers. We may share this user information with third-party entities to facilitate external processing or analytics services. Information obtained from Potential Advertisers may be employed to assist in the registration process, promotional communications, marketing, and research purposes. Voluntary Data may be utilised at our sole discretion, including for promotional purposes as outlined in Section VIII.

VI. Disclosure Regarding Do Not Track ("DNT")

While the Site may not fully recognise all web browser Do Not Track signals, you have the option to manage the use of specific cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may impact or modify certain features of the Site's functionality. As we strive to provide you with choices concerning data collection, please visit ___All About Do Not Track ( for further information on browser tracking signals and Do Not Track policies.

VII. Tracking of Third-Party Data

Presently, we employ third-party services to track specific usage data accumulated over time and across select websites, as well as to assess the effectiveness of specific advertising campaigns. We do not disclose any personally identifying information to these third parties; however, they may choose to collect general User activity data from you. The collection and utilisation of this aggregated User data may be subject to the policies of the respective third-party advertising agents. For comprehensive details on advertising tracking and your rights as an online consumer, kindly refer to ___(

VIII. Unique Circumstances

Our commitment is to use and disclose User information solely for the purposes outlined in this Policy. We will provide Users with an opportunity to opt out of or object to any unrelated uses of their information. However, there may be instances where we may disclose information about Users or their use of the Services or websites accessible through our Services without notice if, in our sole discretion, we deem it reasonable to do so. These instances include, but are not limited to:

  1. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or governmental or legal requests for information.
  2. Disclosure of information necessary to identify, contact, or initiate legal action against individuals who may be in violation of our Terms & Conditions and other policies
  3. Ensuring the proper operation of our Services.
  4. Safeguarding ourselves, our Users, and the general public. In the event that legitimate criminal, civil, or administrative processes require it, we reserve the right to disclose any and all information to law enforcement in cases of suspected or actual crimes, including fraud-related offences. This includes discovery requests, subpoenas, court orders, warrants, writs, or reasonable requests from authorities or individuals with the necessary authority to obtain such processes.
  5. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities, governmental agencies, or regulatory bodies as required by applicable law. Such cooperation may involve lawful criminal, civil, or administrative processes, discovery requests, subpoenas, court orders, warrants, or writs.
  6. Facilitating or participating in corporate transactions or reorganisations, such as divestitures, mergers, consolidations, asset sales, or, in rare cases, bankruptcy/receivership. In such events, you consent to the disclosure, transfer, sale, and/or release of your personal information and data to relevant third-party recipients of the Company's assets.

IX. Communication via Electronic Means

Regarding Users, the Company currently has no plans to send promotional communications as there is no active collection of email addresses or contact information. However, the Company reserves the right to modify this policy in the future without prior notice. Any changes to this practise will be reflected in the Site's Privacy Policy. We encourage Users to regularly review this policy to stay informed of any updates.

By providing your information or using the Site, you establish a commercial relationship with us. While the Site does not currently send promotional advertising materials to Users (excluding Potential Advertisers and Users who submit Voluntary Data), you acknowledge and consent that any unsolicited commercial emails from us or our affiliates do not constitute unlawful SPAM as defined by the law.

X. Public Discussion Platforms

The Company may occasionally offer public forums and blogs. If you choose to provide Voluntary Data, we reserve the right to use such data in accordance with Sections III, V, and VIII.

XI. Ensuring Data Security

We are committed to safeguarding the transmission of User information through commercially reasonable measures. However, we cannot guarantee complete protection against unauthorised access by third-party hackers. While we take reasonable precautions to prevent security breaches, the resourcefulness of cyber-criminals makes it impossible to ensure that our security measures are entirely breach-proof. In the event of any breaches despite our efforts, you accept the associated risks.

Moreover, unless stated otherwise, we do not disclose User information to third parties, nor do we sell, rent, or provide your information to advertisers or similar service-providing companies. The Site may feature advertisements in the form of banners or links to third-party sites. It is important to note that such third-party sites have their own policies and procedures, including terms of use and privacy policies, which may differ from our Site's. If you access a third-party site, we encourage you to review and understand its policies and procedures.

XII. Contacting Us About Our Privacy Policy

If you have any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy or the practises described herein, please feel free to reach out to us at: __Personal Information__.